How to Tell If Your Ex Still Likes You 7 signs your ex still likes you

Published: 15th September 2008
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After a break up, you still couldn't forget your ex right? Yeah it happens to many people and a lot of couples are joining back every minute. Do you like to know whether your ex still likes you, just check out these 7 signs from your ex.

Sign #1: Your ex tries to say a "hi" to you often:
If your ex broke up and doesn't like you, he/she will try to contact you and keep in touch with you often. They will try to be as far as possible with you.

Sign #2: Accidental Meetings:
Your ex would still be hanging around at the same favorite spot you 2 have been hanging around when you were together, or your favorite spot, and would pretend that it was a accidental meeting.

Sign #3: Trying to make you Jealous:
If your ex has immediately started dating some other guy/girl, and makes a point that you know about it, then you can assure yourself that he/she is trying to make you jealous. Nobody can date some other person when they are freshly broken up unless they have a purpose for it.

Sign #4: Getting too emotional when talking with you:
If your ex still gets any kind of emotions over a normal range, it may be laughing or crying but when the emotions are abnormal, he/she is still interested in you.

Sign #5: Have you heard about he/she missing you?
If your ex still likes you, they would not be able to forget about you. Thus they will start missing you which will eventually be leaked by themselves to any of your ex's friend. If that friend is also your friend, you will come to know about it. If anything like that happened, you can be confident that your ex is missing you. But make sure the info is right.

Sign #6: What does your ex talk about?
If your ex still talks about you or the things you would be doing when you were together, then in his/her subconscious mind, you are still seated firmly.

Sign #7: Are you still getting Text messages, emails and IMs from your ex?
If they are so fed up with you, your ex would have deleted the all possible contacts with you. If you are frequently getting these messages, then it means that they have not removed you from their list. If its personal message to you only, I bet your ex is still interested.

But, remember everybody does not show all of these signs. Even if your ex does not like you much now, there is a complete psychological strategy which you can follow to get your ex back.

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OttisReeds on September 5, 2011 said:
There's a few tell tale indicators that can tell you if your ex boyfriend does still like you and care, or have feelings for you, and could possibly be reconciled with
RelationshipSupport on September 5, 2011 said:
One dead giveaway sign is which direction he is facing. Whether he's standing right next to you or across the room at a party, his body directed toward you will expose his interest in you. If he's not, look closer. If his foot, thumb, even elbow is directed your way, so are his thoughts. If this is the case, chances are that he's even watching through the corner of his eye.
David on September 5, 2011 said:
Well you could always move on, usually there is something wrong if a relationship ends.
Emma on September 12, 2011 said:
It is best to not get your hopes up too much with and ex if you do believe they still like you. This could result in you getting hurt. Play it cool and if you are meant to be back together then it will happen sooner or later.

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